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Mt. Carmel Redevelopment Corp. has deep roots in volunteerism. Initially the services rendered was through a completey volunteer effort from the parishioners of Mt. Carmel Church of God in Christ. People saw a need in the community to which they gave time, money, and energy.

Today America's need for volunteers has increased and northeast Kansas City, Kansas is no exception.

MCRC serves as a conduit for resources to flow through to make a difference in the lives of the citizens residing in Kansas City, Kansas.

MCRC still needs volunteers. If you would like to be a volunteer call (913) 621-4441 or visit our contact page and email one of the staff email addresses provided.

If you want more information on why volunteering is essential, the culture and health benefits of volunteering click here.

MCRC™ "Making a Difference"MCRC™ "Making the Difference"

MCRC needs your monetary support. As with most non-profits organizations, donations and partnerships can be the life blood for organizational sustainability.

MCRC is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) community development corporation. This tax code designation allows contributors to deduct the charitable amount given, thereby lowering the tax liablility at tax season or at the donor's applicable tax time.

MCRC's integrity and donor worthiness is not only evident by its physical presence, performance record and client praise, but several verification entities have MCRC documentation on file for public viewing. Several ways are available to securely transact a donation with confidence. Click on the Community Foundation below to give

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MCRC's long-term forecast helps to gauge sustainability. An important element for that perspective is appreciable donations.

Giving appreciated assets offers you two-fold tax savings. First, you avoid paying a capital gains tax on the increase of value of your asset. Secondly, you will receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the asset on the date of the gift. For income tax purposes the value of such gifts may be deducted up to 30% of the adjusted gross income with an additional five-year carry forward.

Intangibles such as services and intellectual property can provide excellent giving opportunities. If you operate a business that can supply goods or services to the MCRC, the value of the goods or services will be considered an In-Kind Gift and gift credit will be given as any other type gift.

Before assigning any assets consult your legal and tax advisor to insure the IRS rules are addressed to maximize your donation strategy.

Contact Pam Smart with your asset consideration. We appreciate your donations and considerations. MCRC™